"Greenredeem has worked with Web Boutiques over a number of years as our digital solutions provider. On many occasions, we have tasked Web Boutiques with tackling difficult, complex and multi layered projects. Over time, we have found that Web Boutiques have become a real partner to Greenredeem, understanding our business, developing solutions and building a platform for the next few years."


Greenredeem encourages a greener lifestyle to its members. Local Authorities and Water Companies use Greenredeem to help reduce waste and water usage. It has a membership in the hundreds of thousands which Webboutiques systems service daily.

Mobile connection to nationwide recycling booths

Vouchers: Print at home, by post or online

Earn Points systems

  • Take Quiz's
  • Make pledges
  • Refer a friend
  • Watch videos

Spend points systems

  • Donations to school and charity schemes
  • Monthly prize draws
  • Rewards catalogue

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